We, Mark & Buzz, the owners of Topside Inn, recently joined our lodging friends from around the world in the #MyTravelPledge campaign. The campaign was started by Andrew and Ian, the owners of Casa Higueras in Granada Spain as a means to do something positive for healthcare workers who are doing so much for all of us. Our own contribution is to offer a number of short breaks to healthcare workers at our in.

Update to our #MyTravelPledge Offer

We originally agreed to offer 4 short breaks, we have received 20 nominations to date, and we are very excited to announce we will be accommodating all of these deserving people at Topside inn or possibly another Boothbay Harbor lodging property. These stays will occur either at the end of the 2021 season, or more likely in our 2022 season. The MyTravelPlaedge program stopped taking nominations on June 8th, therefore we are no longer taking nominees for stays at Topside.