At Topside, being a good citizen of our community and our planet go hand in hand with our mission to offer our guests an incredible hospitality experience. To help articulate what is important to us we have created a multifaceted credo, these three statements of our beliefs and goals help guide our actions. We sincerely hope the information on this page will be inspiring, entertaining and make all of our guests feel good that by staying at our property they are helping to build a better future.

Please return to this page often as we will be adding many fun and interesting components, including a chicken cam for the new residents of our chicken coop coming this spring and a real time energy meter for the solar panels were recently installed and will be going ‘live’ soon.

CREDO: A statement of the beliefs or aims which guides one’s actions.

TOPSIDE CREDO: The Three Pillars of Who We Strive to Be.


To provide our guests with an exceptional and authentic Maine coast experience, consistently exceeding expectations for immaculate, well-appointed accommodations, locally sourced ‘over the top’ cuisine and warm, friendly and professional service.


Be a good steward of our planet by reducing our carbon footprint, investing in renewable energy, recycling & composting, increasing our community’s connection with locally grown and raised food and creating a habitat to support local wildlife and pollinators.


Build and support a fantastic team who love what they do. Support local farmers, fishermen and businesses who share our community-based goals. Be proactive members of our community, supporting initiatives related to food insecurity and work to educate and inspire people to raise their own food.


Everything we do at Topside has one central goal – offering the best hospitality experience possible. We hope that our efforts with sustainability and community make that experience even more enjoyable, meaningful and memorable and that our guests appreciate what we are doing to make the world a better place. Here are a few ways we are putting these goals and aims into action and how our guests can benefit from, and enjoy, these efforts.


Chicken Coop:

Our latest venture into producing food for to serve at the inn is our new chicken coop. Dubbed the “Tag Ma-Hen” by our builder Charlie, this chicken coop will soon house up to 40 chickens, who will be laying multicolored eggs will look forward to serving our guests. We will be feeding the chickens a 100% organic diet and they will have plenty of room to free range in an enclosed area. What is equally as exciting to us is that we have built the coop in such a way that our guests will be able to visit the coop and view the residents, both inside and outside of the coop, without disturbing the chickens. It should be a fun and interactive experience.

The baby chicks are due to arrive in late April, so follow us on facebook for the latest news on their arrival.

Solar Panels:

As our world toward more renewable sources of energy, we thought we would do our part by investing in solar power. Many people are surprised that Maine is a great state for solar power, while the days may be a bit shorter in the winter, they are longer in the summer AND solar systems like to cold weather as they operate more efficiently. In the spring of 2021 we installed 38 panels that will generate a significant portion of the electrical power needed to run our Leeward Guesthouse. We anticipate the panels will ‘go live’ at the end of April and we will be installing a real-time meter on this page so our guests can view the power generated by this system. If all goes well, we hope to add another system to the Windward Guesthouse in the fall of 2021.

EV chargers:

Along with the new solar panels, Topside will be adding two additional electric vehicle charges for our guests to use, complimentary. In 2018 we installed the first Tesla Charger in the area and in April we anticipate installing two Porsche EV chargers, these will charge Porsche cars as well as be a universal charger for other electric vehicles.


By now we have all heard the term ‘Farm to Table’, well how about ‘Inn to Table’? Our ever-expanding gardens are not only enjoyable to look at but they produce much of the fresh herbs, greens and veggies we serve to our guests. Our young orchard is also beginning to produce fruit, including heritage apples, peaches, plums, cherries and pears. Once the 32 fruit trees are producing more than we can use at the inn, we look forward to donating the surplus to our local food pantry.

Local Farmers:

What we are not able to grow at Topside, we do our best to purchase locally. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful farmer’s market, offering an extensive selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, seafood, honey, maple syrup, and more. One of our guest’s favorite local ingredients we use in our creative breakfasts are the locally grown, foraged and imported mushrooms from the Oyster

Creek Mushroom Farm. Every Thursday, right after breakfast, we head to the Boothbay Town Center (usually with our mom) and stock up for the coming weekend. A stop by the bread baker for homemade pretzels and, my favorite, bialys, is always the first stop as they run our fast.

Recycling, Composting:

A less glamorous, but equally important chore, is our extensive recycling and composting programs. We do our best to keep packaging to a minimum, providing our guests with glass bottles of filtered Maine water in our guest rooms as an alternative to plastic bottled water for example, but then using reusable containers is not possible we recycle everything we can. Our gardens benefit for the fresh fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grinds and eggshells we generate each morning for our breakfasts.


Our Charitable Giving, Locally, across the US and Internationally

We are so fortunate to live is such a beautiful location in the great state of Maine. We and our team always try to find ways to give back to our wonderful Boothbay Harbor community and beyond. We currently support a number of local charitable organizations including Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay Region Land Trust, Food for Thought, our local Food Pantry, Chewonki Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity. We are so happy to be a part of such a great community, and we always want to do what we can to support it.

We also donate stays through OneSpareVacation to a number of organizations inside and outside of Maine, the growing list includes Mikey’s Way Foundation, Kids N Hope Foundation, Channel 3 Kids camp, Ray of Light Farm, Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, Project Green Schools, Syracuse Stage and we support worldwide efforts to improve the quality of life for people in need, including the charity started by a couple here in Boothbay helping children in Thailand, Friends of Thai Daughters.

A note on rate discounts. In lieu of individual rate discounts, we have decided to donate food, money and stays as direct donations to organizations who support children & families in need, first responders and other charitable organizations doing great things to make our world a better place. We feel this is the best way to help the most people in need as equitably as possible. Our goal is to contribute at least 5% of our annual revenues to these worthy causes. We hope that every guest staying at Topside knows they are making the world a little bit better for so many people.