The Evolution of the Fresh Fruit Course


Grapefruit-B-BerriesFresh fruit has been a featured item for breakfast at Topside Inn for many years, and is part of the extensive continental offerings available to guests before the main course is served. The fruit course has evolved over recent years from a large bowl of fresh fruit available for guests to help themselves, to a selection of fruit served in individual china ‘boats’ with a watermelon ‘sail’ (see left). The fruit can be enjoyed on its own or added to the homemade granola.

This season, the fruit course will continue to evolve as we serve creatively composed fruit dishes that highlight the seasonal local fruit from Maine. While we do not grow citrus fruits in our region, these items will compliment the delicious fresh fruits we are fortunate to have growing in our state.

Strawberries-Ricotta-in-Wonton-CupA few of the items you may find in the morning include a grapefruit and orange supreme salad with fresh Maine blueberries. A citrus glaze, toasted almonds and minted sugar puts this one over the top.
Or, local strawberries served parfait-style with homemade ricotta cheese that has been scented with orange zest, layered in a crispy wonton cup.

We also plan to infuse fresh herbs from the garden into glazes for grilled stone fruit, such as plums and peaches. Our ‘mission’ is to highlight fresh local ingredients when possible to give you, our guests, a real taste of Maine and support our local farmers. Enjoy!