Redefining Bed+Breakfast!

Greetings from the Topside Inn. We are closed for the winter, but always thinking about our next season. As new owners we are very excited about introducing new services and amenities for our guests to enjoy. We want to take what is so great about the Inn and make it even better. Our passion for food and the appreciation for the many wonderful local farms in our area will be seen even more in our daily offerings. Local fresh fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, meats, poultry and of course incredible fresh seafood will be creatively incorporated into our breakfasts. We also have a blossoming vineyard, brewery and distillery community in our area which we will be featuring in the evening. The possibilities for outstanding food experiences are endless and we look forward to sharing this with you all this summer.

We thought it would be fun to use our blog to document our thoughts, plans and menus for next season. We hope that the information is entertaining as well as informative and we look forward to your feedback and ideas. M&B