Paprika Tomato Poached Eggs on Savory Waffles

Breakfast at the Topside Inn starts with and extensive continental breakfast (details to follow in a later post) followed by a composed dish of the day cooked to order. We typically alternate sweet and savory dishes each morning; here is the first of our new composed dishes for the 2015 season, and it’s a winner! We start with a twist on a traditional breakfast staple, making a waffle savory by leaving out the sweet ingredients and adding cornmeal for a slightly crunchy texture. We then added local cheddar cheese and herbs from the garden to heighten the flavor. The combination makes a great platform for this flavorful dish with Spanish influences.

Building the sauce takes a few steps, starting with roasting poblano peppers on the grill, removing the skin and seeds and then searing them in a pan. A smoked paprika and garlic mixture that has been crushed in a mortar is added to the hot pan, followed by water and fresh tomatoes.  After the tomatoes have been cooked down, eggs are cracked into the sauce and poached. By mid summer the peppers and tomatoes will be coming from our growing gardens at the Topside.

After 5 tries we created the perfect chipotle & avocado creme to finish the dish. The waffles are topped with the tomatoes, eggs, sauce and creme. No worries, this breakfast is not spicy, just full of flavor.