Why You Need to Take a Boothbay Harbor Maine Puffin Cruise

When you visit our area this summer, you need to go on a Boothbay Harbor, Maine Puffin Cruise. This fun activity is only offered from to June to August and offers visitors an educational and exciting way to learn about one of Maine’s most unique species of wildlife. Puffins are a penguin-like bird that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. That’s because Maine is the southernmost place puffins live in North America. These small birds, which are just 10 inches tall and as light as a can of Coke, have an interesting history in Maine, and one that you’ll learn all about on a Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Puffin Cruise.

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The Important Story Behind Maine’s Puffins

If you traveled back in time to the late 1800s, you would only find two puffins in the entire state of Maine. Except for these two solitary puffins, which were protected by a lighthouse keeper, all others had been killed for their meat and their beautiful feathers.

In the 1970s, however, puffins returned to Maine. Thanks to Project Puffin, several young puffins were brought from Newfoundland and raised on the Maine Islands, in hopes that they would migrate and then return in maturity to mate back in Maine. They did, and now there are at least 250 puffins on Eastern Egg Rock, Maine.

What to Expect on a Boothbay Harbor, Maine Puffin Cruise

When you set sail from Boothbay Harbor on your puffin-watching cruise, you’ll embark on a wonderful and exciting adventure to Eastern Egg Rock. Often compared to going on a treasure hunt, you can’t anticipate what might turn up during the cruise. You may encounter seals sunning themselves, huge Minke Whales swimming by, or a number of different kinds of birds flying overhead.

However, it is certain that you will experience some of the most scenic landscapes on your way to Eastern Egg Rock. You’ll pass miles of stunning shoreline dotted with historic lighthouses. Then, when you arrive at Eastern Egg Rock, you’ll slowly circle the 7-acre island, keeping an eye out for the puffins who call the area home.

Where to Find Puffin Cruises

Cap’n Fish’s Audubon Puffin & Scenic Cruises offers the best Eastern Egg Rock puffin tour in Boothbay. While each and every tour offers a slightly different experience, depending on the time of the tour and activity levels of the wildlife. Nonetheless, each tour is fun, informative, and well worth attending. During the tour, you’ll enjoy the terrific scenery, unique wildlife, and a lovely afternoon on the water. Puffin cruises are only in the summer, during the warmest months of the year. At other times of the year, Cap’n Fish offers whale watching, seal, lighthouse, and harbor tours.

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Photo credit: Getty Images / Jarin13