What Makes Boothbay Harbor One of the Best Small Towns in Maine?

Friendly people, unique attractions, and incredible scenery make up a recipe for one of the best small towns in Maine, and Boothbay Harbor has it all. Our beautiful area is full of culture and excitement while maintaining its small-town charm. Read on to find out precisely what makes our coastal town so remarkable. For a glimpse into the whole Boothbay Harbor experience, feel free to explore our free Vacation Guide as well.

Reasons Why Boothbay Harbor Is One of the Best Small Towns in Maine

Plenty of Fun Things to Do

Whales in Boothbay Harbor

Our town may be small, but its full of exciting possibilities. There are so many fantastic things to do in Boothbay Harbor and the surrounding area. You can take a ride on a local schooner, tour our historic lighthouses, stroll through botanical gardens nearby, and so much more. Be sure to check out our favorites during your next visit. They may become your new favorites as well:

Growing Culinary Scene

Plate of lobsters in Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor is quickly becoming a foodie destination. If you enjoy fresh seafood, tasty wines, and craft beers, you’re sure to have a fantastic time here. When you explore our local restaurants, you can enjoy friendly service and find menus full of creative dishes. These are a few of our go-to spots:

Unique Events and Festivals

Unique viking ship sailing for an event in Boothbay Harbor

Our community comes together for some must-see events to celebrate our local culture, food, and entertainment. You’re always welcome to join us for boat parades, craft beer festivals, live music performances, and more. We hope to see you at the next celebration:

It’s Home to Topside Inn

Of course, to be one of the best small towns in Maine, it needs to have a comfortable place to stay so visitors can enjoy it all. At Topside Inn, we’re happy to provide you with a superb lodging experience. Our historic inn sits on top of McKown Kill at the highest point in town, offering unmatched panoramic views. After you check in and put your bags down, feel free to grab a chair on our lawn and look out at the harbor. We’re also always happy to answer questions and point you toward our favorite spots for the full local experience.

View of the kitchen in the Suite at Topside Inn

You’re welcome to choose from a variety of exceptional accommodations at Topside Inn. One of your options includes the Suite in our Leeward Guest House. Step inside to enjoy excellent furnishings, a private front deck, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Take a virtual tour to get a closer look.

Are you interesting in learning more about Boothbay Harbor, Maine? We filled our Vacation Guide with local tips and top attractions so you can make the most of your stay. Take a look.